Uninterrupted Power Supply BDE - UPS 1KW


The purpose of the UPS is to continue providing  energy for major traffic control systems when the regular power supply fails, for instance traffic light control systems, roadside station for motorway gantries. The depicted system consists of a weatherproof outdoor enclosure in which the UPS is included and a 19 " section where your equipment can be . The shown system basically consists of a fuel cell and an electric inverter. The system is connected to the mains , where the inverter is not used actively . If the voltage falls off the inverter will immediately take over the mains supply and start the fuel cell unit . The system automatically reports to a central post that it has been activated . This includes automatic technical maintenance messages .


  • No maintenance to batteries
  • No charging of batteries
  • Works on hydrogen so no CO2 emissions
  • The system can continue to provide energy for 5 hours. If required cylinders can be replaced within that time
  • Very durable system , no lead and hazardous substances.



Brimos introduces its own fuel cell at the Intertraffic 2014. A fuel cell draws energy from the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen , which takes place under controlled conditions in the stack. The result consists of electricity and heat . The low temperature stack ( 80 ° C) may be direct start-up and can be used as a uninterrupted power supply (UPS). At this point in time, the UPS uses hydrogen as fuel, characterized by the absence of smelly exhaust fumes , noise , soot , NOx , oils and unwanted metals such as lead . A low temperature stack is the replacement of a battery back-up power with an expected useful life of 10 to 20 years, depending on the number of active hours .

Uninterrepted Power Supply BDE.UPS 1KW


Electrical power 1KW
Voltage 230V AC
Fuel Hydrogen
Efficiency 40%
Fuel usage 4 ltr/h
lifespan >3000 h
Running temperature 0° tot + 50°C
Maintenance/Garanty Annually/2 year
Interface for diagnostics TCP/IP / GSM (option)