The most efficient fuel cell in the range up to 500 W

The electrical efficiency of the fuel cell with up to 60% almost two times higher than for combustion engines. In addition, these systems produce no harmful emissions, only small amounts of carbon dioxide and have a very low noise load in working mode. The simple structure compared with other energy generating systems ensures high reliability and low maintenance costs. As a result, an attractive product offered in the world of sustainable energy.

The system design is simple, economical and efficient. The fuel cells generate electricity as well as heat. As such, they are very suitable as an independent supplier of electricity and possibly as a heat source

Auxiliary Power Supply BDE 500W

Electrical power 250-500 W
Voltage 24-28 V DC
Fuel LPG (Propane)
Measurements LxWxH 410x470x350 mm
Weight 32 Kg
Efficiency 30-35%
Fuel usage 80-120 g/u
lifespan <3000 u
min. battery capacity 100 Ah
Running temperature -20° tot + 60°C
Maintenance/Garanty Annually/2 year
Interface for diagnostics TCP/IP / GSM (option)