History Brimos

When the three founders of our organization began in 1963, they could not have imagined that their company would be a leading player in the field of traffic guidance 50 years later. Brimos was founded by three companies: Bristar Rental, Morse and Te Siepe road building and focused on the rental and maintenance of road building , with a sideline import of asphalt applying machinery . In the years that followed the motorization in the Netherlands increased rapidly.

Brimos recognized the need for safe traffic guidance . The change was easily made . At first the complexity of the " work in progress" equipment was not very high. A simple white painted oil drum in the colors white and red and a flat trafficsign alerted road users on the roadworks. As the traffic situation became more complex and motorized traffic increased , there was an increasing demand for better and more advanced traffic guidance techniques . Brimos developed it. Apeldoorn was replaced by the current location in Hattem and the product range expanded steadily .

All products made presently, are made up to all today's standard legal requirements. The product range has been extended to electronic dynamic road barriers, variable message signs in LED technique and dynamic route information pannels (DRIP's) Many of these products have been developed within the organization , sometimes in collaboration with clients .


The quality made by Brimos is legendary . Not only the production but also the business processes are optimally streamlined as proved by the fact that the company is ISO 9001 certified.


Brimos Renewable Energy BV

In 2005 Brimos was invited to take part in an innovation program to use fuel cell's in the traffic guidance market. As a result Brimos showed their new product, an action trailer powered by a fuel cell during the innovation exhibition "Roads to the Future" by the Dutch government in 2007. After the completion of this innovative challenge anew company was launched that was to be called Brimos Renewable Energy BV , with the aim of applying fuel cells systems and selling them in all markets where the fuel cell can be used .