Corporate Social Responsibility

At Brimos is being acted with respect for the environment , people and society .


Brimos is located in a wooded area , the buildings directly adjacent to a nature reserve and drinking water extraction area. For this reason among others we feel extra responsibility for the prevention of environmental accidents that water quality and nature could influence for the worst. Besides the fact that samples are taken from discharging waste water by its own staff also annually repeated samples are taken and analysed by an external agency . The results of these samples are already many years, well below the set standards. The municipality Hattem also performs annual inspections at the companies in its region.This way we are tested again and again by an external party if everything is in order.

We monitor since many years our energy usage and try to reduce this consumption
further each year.

CO2 Footprint

The Brimos CO2 footprint has been studied and tested in accordance with NEN -ISO 14064-3 and has been verified postive and as such found free of non-conformities .


For the purchase of ( commercial ) products we investigate if social aspects are not at stake . Brimos does not do business with parties who are involved in child labour .


The employees within Brimos are a good reflection of society . We attract as many as possible local employees , to support employment on the North Veluwe. Employees can often go to work on their by bicycle, and many do .

Brimos has been known for some years, among students , as approved apprenticeship or learning company . We work closely with schools at both high school- graduate and college level . Because Brimos has many disciplines in house , we can offer a varied range .

For some years Brimos has spent out simple production work to social workshops ( Synergon , Alescon , DCW and Wezo ) . There are people from Wezo ( Zwolle ) at our premises with us to do simple production work for which they receive extra assistance from Brimos .


Brimos like to do something back to society . So we support for instance : Make a Wish Foundation and the Alpe de Huez annually .